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Planning Travels
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The unexpected never dreamed of or imaged punch to your already fuzzled thinking happened. You never imagined that the full responsibility of your children's education would land on your already full plate with ample servings of life. Oh, and not to mention the social aspect of your family's life was snatched. One day you were walking through the grocery store holding the basket and eating from your hand to now wearing nothing short of a self-made hasmat suit to protect from the unseen enemy -Covid 19. And now, you are fighting with all you can muster to wear this hat. The hat of a teacher! I know you never thought it would be you - but now it is.

Take a breath. Relax. I am here to help navigate you and your children on this unique path of learning. 

Yes! You can be the teacher.


"By the end of this eBook you will have a working document you will be able to use with each one of your children."

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